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EUS VP Finance 2018-2019
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Current: Yiming Sun
Office Hours
To be determined

The EUS VP Finance is responsible for overseeing the finances of the EUS core operations. This ranges from managing the $1M+ EUS budget, four funds, corporate relations and sponsorship, as well as fiscal responsibility for the commercial services. The role also directly oversees Open Air Pub, the Best Place on Earth. The VP Finance has a fiscal responsibility to ensure that the EUS maintains a strong financial safety net, and a social responsibility to ensure that the monies collected through various revenue sources are returned in services and events to benefit the entire student body. A person in this role should be an objective, unbiased thinker, good at critically analyzing the cost-to-benefit ratio of budget allocations and sponsorship, with high importance on reliable decision making and execution.


According to Article 13 of the EUS Constitution
The Vice-President Finance shall:

  1. In cooperation with the Executive Committee, prepare the annual budget of the EUS, which shall include the actual expenditures from the previous year, and submit it to the Board of Governors before October 15th;
  2. In cooperation with the Executive Committee, manage the funds of the EUS;
  3. Keep proper financial accounts and records according to the Financial Bylaws of the EUS;
  4. Prepare a year-end financial report by May 15th; and obtain and update the previous year’s financial report


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