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|Board:2017-05-14||, , , , , , , , , , |2017-05-28||Execs - BoG - GA, Discussion with Execs, Tasklist & Wishlist, Formal summer timeline for completion of deliverables, Board Internal Policy, Services as committees, Budget Review Procedures, Policy Structure (Organization vs. Structural Policies), Stipend for Bylaws workshop, Summer preliminary budget, OAP Lite budget + Future OAP Budget, PBRC/Council, Handbook Blurb, Saad’s potential conflict of interest, |2017-05-14||Selection of Chair Person, Selection of Communication Tool, Replacement of Tre Mansdoerfer, Rules of BoG, Goals of the Summer, How to make people know about the BoG, Relationship between BoG and Execs, BoG Implementaion and Related Documents for Isabella, EUS Declaration, SSF Bylaws,
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