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McConnell Hallway Tables

How To Book a table in McConnell Engineering

To book a table, a group needs to come to the EUS Office and fill out a form with the EUS Administrative manager. Bookings are limited to one per group per month, and one person can only represent one group at a time. There are three tables in the McConnell lobby. There is only one savory sale allowed per day ( usually samosas), one sweet sale, and one informational table. The group is responsible for tidying up the kiosk after using it, and that means leaving it in good clean order. All signage at the event must obey the McGill poster policy. Masking tape must b eused to put up any and all information posters. The Food and Health Regulations of The City of Montreal must be obeyed especially with reference to Regulation #93 (warm or cold food items containing meat or dairy and the time between their production and their being sold for consumption). Details of regulations are available in the EUS Office. The right to use the kiosk is conditional and can be revoked at any time. Groups that do not show up or do not cancel their booking in advance on two occasions will have their booking rights revoked.

External Groups

Table bookings for the month open up for external groups on the 15th of the previous month at 9am. For example, bookings for November open on October 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend, the table bookings day is pushed to the following Monday.

EUS Groups

Table bookings for EUS groups open on the 14th of every month - one day before opening for external groups.

Other areas where students can book tables

Building Where? How?
Trottier First floor (same floor as cafeteria). Alcove near the side entrance. First come first serve. Show up with Samosas on the day you want to have your event.
Bronfman Lobby [1] bookings Email with your request at least 72 hours prior to the day you wish to book the table in order to ensure a response. While 72 hours is the minimum, early submissions are encouraged given the high volume of requests. Check the online calendar before emailing.
Burnside Basement Email Full for this semester; bookings open in November for the winter semester.
Strathcona Go to the MACSS office on the first floor of the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building
McMed 5th Floor Only available to Medical students. PDF for booking.
Leacock Lobby AUS Booking Click on a “Vacant” spot on their table bookings calendar. There is a $10 or $15 rental fee per table booking ($10 for Information or Promotion, $15 for Samosa or Bake table). After your booking has been approved, you must pay for your booking within 72 hours of approval, or prior to 11:59 PM of the day before your booking; whichever is earlier. Additionally, you must pay online via PayPal or in person with cash at the AUS office. Non-AUS Student Groups are allotted 1 Samosa sale OR 1 Bake sale, and unlimited use of the Info / Promo table (depending on availability), per semester.
Currie Gym Unknown
688 Sherbrooke Top of escalators Email Andrée LaHaise (
Hosmer house Only available to SPOT groups
Y-Intersection McGill Events Booking Note: You probably need to supply your own table
Rutherford Unknown
Stewart Bio email Dr. Rudiger Krahe,