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EUS President 2018-2019
Current: Alex Scheffel
Office Hours
To be determined

The EUS President is the official spokesperson and head of the executive team. The position demands someone with good communication and management skills, patience, and the ability to think on their feet. The president’s responsibilities are to represent the engineering students in communicating with administration, media, faculty, industry, etc., as well as chairing the weekly meetings of the 8 executives, and overseeing EUS Equity Committee. On the business side of the EUS, the president is the general manager and is responsible for legal aspects of the company, such as dealing with contracts and any legal issues that (hopefully won’t) arise.


According to Article 10 of the EUS Constitution
The President shall:

  1. be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs of the E.U.S.;
  2. call and preside at Executive Committee meetings;
  3. serve as an ex-officio member of all constituted and affiliated committees of the E.U.S.;
  4. be the official spokesperson for the E.U.S. on all occasions;
  5. represent the E.U.S. at meetings of the Faculty of Engineering; and
  6. be responsible for holding the engineering representatives to S.S.M.U. Council and the Engineering Senator accountable to the Engineering student body through E.U.S. council;
  7. shall be responsible for meeting with Departmental Society Presidents no less than once per month during the fall and winter semesters
  8. be responsible for the E.U.S. Equity Commissioner; and
  9. be responsible for the E.U.S. Sustainability Coordinator


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