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National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) engages engineering students to diversify and broaden their engineering curriculum. Through exclusive skills-building workshops and networking events, NOBE provides engineering students with the skills, confidence, and network to excel in careers outside the typical engineering scope, such as consulting (management, tech, or engineering), banking, marketing, and more!

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At NOBE, we believe that engineering students are much more capable of JUST engineering. With the technical, analytical, and critical mind that engineers develop through their undergraduate career, they have the potential to excel in various industries outside of engineering. NOBE has previously promoted fields like management consulting, investment banking, marketing, or entrepreneurship, but we are constantly reaching out to new industries to expand our profile.

NOBE allows you to:

  • Increase your visibility to previously unexplored companies and careers
  • Enable you to meet recruiters for job openings in which you may be interested
  • Broaden your mindset to successfully accomplish a wide variety of problems.


Founded in 2006, a student in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Society for Business and Management in Engineering proposed to take their organization to the national level by contacting three other universities with similar organizations to join together and rebrand their groups as the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE). Since then, universities from all across the United States have joined (e.g. University of Southern California, Northwestern University, Drexel, Georgia Tech, and Penn State).

NOBE McGill is the Canadian chapter founded from McGill’s own Engineers in Business organization, which joined the quickly-growing NOBE network in 2010. Since then, NOBE McGill has expanded quickly to become the center of attention for any engineer interested in taking their career to the next level. Between 2013 and 2016, NOBE increased its McGill campus presence by over 300% to actively over 500 students in its network. NOBE McGill is now the premier chapter with a strong position to expand across Canada through the University of Toronto all the way to the University of British Columbia.

Current& Past Executive Teams

2016-2017 Exec Team

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2017-2018 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Christian Gilroy
VP Internal Hayley Jacobs
VP Events Catherine McDougall
Corporate Relations Directors Bryan Jay and Nayem Alam
Finance Director Erik Helal
VP Marketing Rana Taher
Social Media Director Joshua Simpson
Graphics Director James Tang
Outreach Director Jube Reyes
Campaign Director Sarah Swanson


2016-2017 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Priya Raina
VP Internal Christian Gilroy
VP-Outreach Oyku Cildir
VP Events Abby Li
VP Finance Liam Ashworth
VP Communications Hayley Jacobs
VP Media Rana Taher
VPs of Corporate Relations Jenny Pan and Ali Shobeiri
Project Manager Bryan Jay
Project Manager Nayem Alam
Project Manager Erik Helal
2015-2016 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Vincent Wu
Co-President Richard Wu
VP Internal Pryia Raina
VP-Outreach Christian Gilroy
VP Events Marilena Angehelopou
VP Finance Liam Ashworth
VP Communications Abby Li
VP Media Saad Waseem
CP Corporate Relations Sebastian De los Santos
Project Manager Jenny Pan
Project Manager Parmoon Sarmadi
Project Manager Pavel Stogornyuk
Project Manager Rahil Manji
2014-2015 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Vincent Wu (Fall 2014); Aissam Souidi (Winter 2015)
VP Internal Priya Raina
VP Outreach Justin Hayto
VP Logistics Austin Fiero
VP Finance Steve Cauri
VP Communications Bryan Hou
VP External Richard Wu
VP Industry Knowledge Antoine Demers-Hebert
National Representative Aissam Souidi
Finance Committee Arjun Jeyapaalan
Consulting Committee Brenda Liu
Mechanical Engineering Rep Reza Tadayon
Civil Engineering Rep Thomas Gomez-Ospina
ECSE Rep Reda Berrada
Mining/Materials Engineering Rep Melanie LaRoche-Boisvert
2013-2014 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Iva Deng
VP Logistics Vincent Wu
VP Communications Pedro Marzano
VP External Denis Chen
VP Internal Simon Liu
VP Finance Oren Singer
National Representative Antoine Bosselut
Media Relations Amy Kim
2015-2016 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Antoine Bosselut
VP External Wayne Tung Lam Uong
VP Internal Denis Chen
VP Finance Firas Krichi
VP Communications Michael O'Sullivan
VP Consulting Karine Assaf
VP Finance Industry Radhika Chandra
National Representative Curt Lederle

Core Events

Suit Up Engineers (Winter 2015)
  • Semi-Annual Suit Up Engineers (Speed Networking)
    • Suit Up is a networking event that occurs once a semester, where companies from all fields of business gather in order for students to inform themselves, meet industry professionals, and potentially score some job interviews.
  • Annual NOBE Business Case Competition (NBCC)
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops for Engineers (Accounting, Finance, Presentation, Leadership, Asset Management)
  • Company Networking & Info sessions (Prev: Capital One, McKinsey, Bain, BMO, L’Oreal, Accenture, National Instruments, RBC, Roland Berger)
  • MBA Info Sessions
  • Resume/Cover Letter & Networking workshops