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EUS Apparel
Board of Governors Logo.png
Board Member Kevin Alforque
Support Fiona Hamilton, Luc Bourbonnais, Dafne Culha, Celeste Nantel
Start Date 2018-07-28
Expected Completion Date 2020-09-01
Category Apparel

Whereas, McGill University is one of the oldest universities in Canada with a strong engineering society and departmental councils.

Whereas, a large majority of engineering societies at other Canadian universities have some form of apparel available to every engineering student.

Whereas, while patches are prominent for major engineering events, we currently do not have a medium on which to use them.

Whereas, showing a unified presence at interuniversity events is an important aspect among other engineering schools, yet it is one area that we are currently lacking.

Whereas, it is a sense of belonging that creates a long lasting bond and sense of pride among alumnis.

Be it resolved, Governor Alforque be assigned the mandate of researching and implementing a long term solution to the problem of McGill engineering apparel.


McGill is one of the oldest universities in Canada with a lot of history and traditions, yet for some reason, we currently don’t any sort of apparel that establishes a sense of community, comradery, and spirit among all engineers. It used to be a thing in the past, but died somewhere along the way. We need to bring it back. It’s kind of embarrassing showing up to interuniversity things where most other universities have either jackets, or coveralls, or some sort of apparel, and we don’t have anything.


Initial Deliverables

Goals first set when the mandate was created
-Get EUS Apparel available to the general eng population

-Develop implementation method

-Design and implement more patches


Timeline Date Completed