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MERTWinter theme from 2018
MERTW Typically October
MERTWinter Typically March
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McGill Engineers Rule the World/Winter or MERTW (pronounced MERT Double-u) is a bi-annual pub crawl organized by the EUS. MERTW takes place in the fall semester usually in October and MERTWinter usually takes place in March. It is known for being a particularly long pub crawl; the total number food and beverage stops tending to exceed 10.


The MERTW crawl has 8-10 bar stops, 1-2 food stops, followed by a final stop. The stops can vary between west or east of campus.


Teams are divided into two kinds; "running team" or "marathon team". Running teams compete to complete the crawl in the shortest time. They also have a scavenger hunt where each item done reduces their time. Marathon teams do the same crawl but aren't timed. These teams are more for fun than competition.