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Drop By

EUS Executives have office hours every week, and would be more than welcome to talk to you about the different opportunities the EUS has to offer. The EUS Office is open 9:00-4:30 every weekday, and is more often than not filled with people who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of involvement.

Involvement Package

The involvement package is a document outlining all the various ways you can get involved in the EUS! More specifically, the involvement package is an amalgamation of every position in the EUS, its responsibilities, time commitment, application period&method, and more.
Currently the pilot project is still in a beta of sorts; Winter 2017 launched the Involvement Package Lite, which contained EUS Committees & Directorships, and a scarce few other positions. Whether or not it was well received is unclear, as it does not contain the full scope of the EUS. Regardless, the Involvement Package will be filled and ready by Fall 2017 with all positions, as well as an optimized and near-automated process for populating details in the future.

Engineering Involvement Day

Once a semester, EUS Groups are invited to table in the McConnell Engineering Building to promote their goals, recruit new volunteers, and showcase their work! The date varies year to year, but is generally held within the first two weeks of the Fall & Winter Semesters.
To find out when the next Involvement Day is happening, you can email VP Student Life

Around the Wiki

The EUSwiki has a number of resources for getting involved in the EUS.

  • You can view a full list of organizations here
  • A Directory for contacting every position in the EUS regarding inquiries
  • Descriptions of the various events different groups host, for example Junior Council, POWE, NOBE, and more!
    • In case those acronyms are illusive, check out the Almanac