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Roles and Responsibilities

Blues Pub Managers

Blue Pub Managers are responsible for the operations of Blues Pub to make sure everything runs smoothly. They are also available to train any volunteers for the various jobs. Chosen in accordance with the Blues Pub Policy, they are responsible for enforcing the enacted guidelines, and distributing financial reprimands when deemed appropriate (defined by the Fines Document, See Appendix).

The Blues Pub managers are here for the general running of Blues Pub but should not be considered volunteers. In total there are 4 or 5 managers; typically, the Head Manager oversees other managers. In addition, there is one Food Manager responsible for food ordering and the management of the food station, a Promotions Manager in charge of the facebook page and the Blues Pub e-mail account, and the Space Manager is in charge everything that has to do with the common room space

EUS Execs

An EUS executive will be present at every Blues Pub. They are in charge of supplying cash boxes, returning cash boxes after Blues Pub, overseeing and counting the deposit, overseeing security of the event, beer delivery, beer sign-out and door supervision. They are responsible for getting the alcohol permits, making sure the even abides by the McGill Alcohol Policy and the Alcohol Policy of the EUS (2007). They will assist the Blues Pub Managers in overseeing and running the evening operations of Blues Pub.

Organizer-in-Charge (Host)

Representing the group(s) hosting, the organizer in charge (here on referred to as HOST) is responsible for making sure evening operations of Blues Pub run smoothly. They are responsible for signing out beer, food, and cleaning supplies on behalf of the group hosting. They also have responsibilities that start 2 weeks before their Blues Pub. This includes finding and organizing volunteers for set-up, bar serving, food station and clean-up. An organizer is in charge of their volunteers. Anything a volunteer does the organizer in charge is responsible for.

Preparing to Host


Time Event
2:30-3:30pm A manager, organizer-in-charge and at least 5 volunteers show up and begin set-up
3:30pm Beer is checked out and iced. The Cash boxes are brought down.
4:00-5:30pm Blues Pub open and Happy Hour is occurring.
5:30-8:30pm Regular Blues Pub running
8:30pm Last call is announced
8:45pm Serving stops and no one is allowed to enter Blues Pub, Food also stops serving at this time.
8:55pm Volunteers should start to usher out patrons
9:00pm Blues Pub closes
9:00-10:00pm Clean up
10:00-11:00pm Exec will end the “after-party” (They might choose to end it earlier. It is at their discretion). Volunteers and Organizers will leave.

Event Promotion and Facebook Page Management
Every weekend at the end of the previous Blues Pub, the organizer-in-charge will be made an admin of the Facebook page. For the following week (i.e. Until the end of the next Blues Pub) the organizer is charge of managing the page for promotion of their Blues Pub. The organizer-in-charge is also responsible for the creating the Facebook event under the Blues Pub page. Remember that anything the organizers post should be appropriate and inclusive or it will be taken down by a manager and the organizers may be reprimanded. Also organizers cannot advertise that alcoholic beverages are being sold. The term "BEvERages" cannot be used, but beverages can.

Beer Delivery
Beer Delivery happens every Friday at 10:00 am, unless there is a need for it to be moved in which case you will receive notice ahead of time. The basic procedure is to receive the beer and then bring it to the Beer Room for storage until being served. At least one of the organizers-in-charge and 4 volunteers should be present. The organizer and the 4 volunteers will meet the Head Blues Pub Manager in the EUS office at 9:50. They will head to the Common Room to get the trolley which will be loaded with all the cases of the empty bottles. It will be brought to the McConnell courtyard, accessed at the end of the hallway in the basement. The empties will be unloaded and stacked against the wall, and the beer will be loaded from the truck onto the trolley and then brought back to the beer room.


Groups that are hosting should have a team of at least 5 people there setting up decorations at 2:30PM and they will have until 4PM to get the set up done. All decorations including rental lights, light coverings, and table set ups should be completed before 4PM.

Furniture Set Up

Furniture is set up according to the following diagrams:

Main Room: Social Room: Food Area: Games Room:
BarRoom.jpg SocialRoom.jpg FoodArea.jpg GamesRoom.jpg

Games Room Set Up

The Games room set-up (above) with the operational Foosball tables and game console for the television. The Pool Table must be rented from a Blues Pub Manager at a rental equipment fee of $25.00, which will be refunded upon return of the equipment. Failure to return all equipment will result in Blues Pub keeping the $25.00. This $25.00 covers two pool cues, and balls. Each additional stick costs $10.00 to rent.

Inventory Check

All the tools needed for Blues Pub (bottle openers, rags, napkins etc.) are all located in the Blues Pub Bin inside the storage room. During set-up a manager will double check all the items in the bin with the organizer who will then sign it out. During Blues Pub the organizers are responsible for everything in the kit. Once Blues Pub is over all items must be cleaned and returned to the bin before being signed back into the storage room. If any of the items are missing the organizers will be charged the cost of replacing said item.

Food Setup

  1. Tables
    1. Two tables are to be organized in an L-shaped manner in the far left corner of the common room (refer to sketch below).
    2. All appliances and accessories are to be setup according to the sketch below.
      1. NOTE: The table should have a table cloth, if not needs to be wiped down before and after use.
  2. Power:
    1. There are three possible places for an extension cord. One is the pillar of the main room, there is one on the wall of the Games Room, and one in the Beer Room. Two of the three should be utilized to avoid tripping the breaker during Blues Pub.
    2. Any cables that are run across the room are to be taped down to the floor in order to avoid tripping. E.G. An extension cord running from the far table to the pillar.
  3. Accessories
    1. The food handlers should always have a box of gloves, a pack of napkins out on the table and a garbage bin besides the table.
    2. The cash box is given by and given back to the executive in charge or the head blues pub manager.
    3. The Menu & Price sheet has to be clearly shown. Specials can be written on the sandwich Sleeman board.

Bar and Beer Bin Set Up

Six beer bins are available for Blues Pub. It is recommended that two bins have Sapporo. The two other bins should stock Sleeman Honey Brown and Sleeman Original or another beer depending on what is being served and then the last one has Unibroue beers, Guinness, Smirnoff Lemonade and any other beers being served. The beer bins must be loaded and iced by at least 20 minutes before consumption to ensure that the beer is cold. The bar should be wiped down and bottle openers placed on it. Plastic cups and the rental cups should also be placed in stacks across the bar for the servers.

DJ Booth

The DJ booth is where the organizers can play music for Blues Pub. They may bring their own music or use the computer in the booth for music (Songza, Spotify etc..) Absolutely no drinks are permitted in the DJ Booth due to the highly expensive and water sensitive equipment in the room. Room will always be locked but the exec-in-charge as well as a manager will have the key. This room is NOT to be used as storage of personal belongings. The only equipment that should be used for Blues Pub is the computer and the auxiliary in cable (like an earphone cable). Any equipment should not be used or tampered with.
Band Set Up
If a band is playing during your night, a manager should be notified beforehand and when the band arrives. The band is set up in the corner next to the DJ booth. They must provide their own equipment (speakers, cables etc.) and will in no way plug into the Common Room sound system (ie. no microphones).
Sound & Projector Use
Blues Pub has a Projector in the main room that can be used to play movies, show pictures etc. The sound for the movies will have to come from the DJ booth. The projector has a RGB input for computers. Contact the Common Room Managers or VP Services for information on how to operate the system.


Cash Boxes
In total there are 3 or 4 cash boxes on the floor at Blues Pub. Two in the bar area and one at the food area. Blues Pub is given a float of roughly ~$1500 to be split amongst the cash boxes and will be brought to the organizers by an exec before the start of Blues Pub. Once the cash boxes have been given to organizers at least one volunteer must be directly watching the cash boxes at all times. The cash boxes must not be left unattended and any loss that occurs after the cash boxes have been handed over to the organizer, are their responsibility. At the end of Blues Pub the cash boxes will be returned to the execs, or head manager.

Bp line.jpg

Mixed Drinks

The mixed drink is prepared by the organizers. It is their responsibility to buy the alcohol and whatever it's being mixed with. There is a 20 litre tub located in the Blues Pub Bin that the organizers may use for mixing and serving the drink. The mixed drink cannot exceed 15% alcohol content by volume. Feel free to get creative! The usual cost of this drink typically ranges from $2.50 - $3.00
Line Control
During the setup of Blues Pub one of the rope line(s) at CopiEUS is brought down and put in the hallway in front of the common room to help with line control. The line needs to remain orderly and against the lockers at all times. A patron that leaves Blues Pub for the washroom will have to wait in line again no exceptions. No one can skip the line except for volunteers, organizers, execs and managers


Different organizations of McGill or the E.U.S. might book a table to advertise, sell tickets etc. and must be cleared by the Blues Pub Management before being allowed to table. The tabling area is located just in front of the entrance in between the two doors that lead to the social area of the common room (the one with the bar) at least one table and two chairs should be placed there for the tablers.


Volunteers are what makes Blues Pub run. We recommend you have 3 people on the food station and 6 people behind the bar (5 serving with serving badges and 1 working behind the scenes to keep up sanitation and beer in the ice bin). All organizers have the option of using the volunteer document created by the BP Managers in order to better facilitate shifts. The Organizer-in-Charge must compile a volunteer list with volunteers full names and student numbers, we no longer take names at Dianne’s desk in the office. Any inquiries for volunteering should be sent to if they were not directed to the original organizer-in-charge.

During Blues Pub

Bar Procedures

In preparation for opening, all the beer needs to be put on ice at least by 3:30. If it is not put on ice by 3:40, the Blues Pub opening will be delayed (you cannot serve warm alcohol, not only does it taste bad but it’s bad for business). Usually you want between 4-6 servers WITH SERVER BADGES AND IDs serving at all times. Behind the bar near the bins you should have 1 person refilling and icing the bins to maintain a constant stock of beer in the bins. This person can then relay when more beer is needed from the beer room to an exec or manager so that more beer can be signed out. Blues Pub Managers will be checking periodically throughout the evening server badges and ID’s to make sure they match as there have been instances of people trading server badges without proper name and training.. Beer Check Outs and Empties Return
Whenever an organizer needs more beer to serve, they must find the exec-in-charge. They will unlock the beer room and sign out the beer. Beer Check outs must have the signature of two of three persons:

  1. The Exec-In-Charge (REQUIRED)
  2. The Organizer-In-Charge (HOST)

The sheet must be signed in the Beer Room.
When a beer is poured, the empty bottle should be put back into the cases organized by bottle colour. Clear bottles and dark bottles cannot be in the same case. Once a case is full it should be removed from the bar, replaced with an empty case and stacked on the trolley located just outside the kitchen. They will be brought back to the beer room when more beer is signed out.

Food Preparation and Serving

General Preparations

  • The work space must be washed and cleaned before beginning to prepare food;
  • A tablecloth (plastic) has to be set in place and firmly attached to the table;
  • Electricity needs have to be setup before beginning to prepare food;
  • Food handlers must always wash their hands before beginning their shift;
  • A minimum of three people are required to run the food sale at all times: one with the cash box and two preparing food;
  • Food handlers have to wear food gloves when handling food. At the smallest doubt of contamination, one must change their gloves;
  • Long hair must be tied and away from the face, hand jewelry taken off;

Throughout the food serving

  • The workspace must remain clean at all times! Use the garbage bin;
  • The food handlers must not exchange roles with the money handler. If so, one has to wash their hands each time they change tasks;
  • All served food must be entirely cooked before served (refer to the recipe guide);
  • The food appliances must be cleaned at the end of the night. There should be no food leftovers from the previous batch that passed through the appliance
  • All food must be handled such that there is no direct contact between it and the server;
  • All food must be served with a napkin by the food handlers;

Food Signout

Bp bread.jpg

The food sign out process is similar to the beer sign out process. The freezers will be fully stocked with bread, pizza pockets, cheese and margarine before every Blues Pub. To sign out food a find a manager. They'll unlock the storage room sign out the food that you need and fill out the food sign out form. Food can be signed out at any time during Blues Pub. At the end of the night any unopened food can be returned and signed back in. All the food signed out will be counted and the charged to your organization. Additional rules and tips

  • All food taken out of the storing area and compartments have to be signed out on the sign out sheet;
  • Food menu and prices must be clearly indicated in the food area;
  • It is suggested that you prepare food in advance to orders such that waiting time is avoided;
  • It is suggested that you take notes of orders so you don’t lose count, you don’t mistake orders and you don’t give out food that has not been paid for; (I generally see people writing on the empty boxes, which is okay, however I have witnessed people sort of grabbing food that isn’t theirs when there is a huge backup during busier Blues Pubs. Perhaps it may be worth doing some form of ticket system, but not certain if it is worth the hassle. Give us some brownie points over BDA haha)

Running the Door

Door manning can only be done by the following people:

  • Any E.U.S. Executive (On-duty or Off-duty)
  • Any Blues Pub Manager

During the setup of Blues Pub one of the rope line(s) at CopiEUS is brought down and put in the hallway in front of the common room to help with line control. The line needs to remain orderly and against the lockers at all times. A patron that leaves Blues Pub for the washroom will have to wait in line again no exceptions. No one can skip the line except for volunteers, organizers, execs and managers

Rental Cups

Bp cup.jpg

The organizer is responsible for the all the cups that are rented out during the night. At the beginning of Blues Pub the number of will be counted and signed out. They are stored in their box under the food table. The are rented out with a 2$ deposit. During Blues Pub it is the organizer’s responsibility that no rented cups leave the Common Room. Be extra attentive for cups when everyone begins to leave after last call. When a cup is returned the 2$ is given back and the dirty cup is placed in a plastic container next to the box. Once Blues Pub is over, the dirty cups are brought to the storage room to be cleaned with soap and dried on the counter. The cups will be counted and any missing ones will be charged to the organizers. 2$ per cup


The windows in the bar room are opened via a latch at the top. Only execs in charge or blues pub managers can open the windows. They’re new as of October 2015.


Last Call and Ushering out

At 8:30 the servers at the bar must announce that last call is at 8:45. At 8:45 last call is announced and no more beer must be served. At 8:55 an announcement is made that Blues Pub is closing and everyone should begin leaving. At 9:00 ushering out should start. Volunteers and organizers should go around and tell people to leave and return their rental cups if they have one.

General Cleanup Guidelines

All garbage is disposed of first. The couches and chairs are stacked on one another and placed against the wall so the janitor can clean the floors. The beer die tables must also be folded and stacked against the wall. The floors are then mopped with the 2 mops in the storage room. Two Managers and will always be present to coordinate clean-up.

Bar Cleanup
All empties should be returned to the beer room. The beer bins are then drained, cleaned and stacked. The bar area should be cleaned and wiped down. The floors are then mopped.

Food Station Cleanup

  • The food space must be cleaned at the end of the Blues Pub. This includes:
    • Cleaning the table
    • Cleaning the floor around the food serving area
    • Washing all the utensils and food appliances
    • Emptying the garbage bin
  • All the remaining food must be put away in the proper space (fridge, freezer, etc.);
  • All the accessories (electricity extensions, tables, chairs, etc.) must be put away;

DJ Booth
The DJ booth is cleaned up and all personal items removed. The computer is shutdown, the lights are turned off, and the amplifier is turned off.

Storage Room and Beer Room
The keys to the Beer Room and Storage Room are always with the Exec-In-Charge or the Head Blues Pub Manager. At no point will the keys be traded to anybody other than them. All beer and food must be signed out in their respective rooms and it up to the organizer (host) to come to the exec-in-charge or the head blues pub manager to get them to open the doors as to get more food/beer.

Final Inventory
Once cleanup is done all the signed out equipment will be returned to the box and inventoried. If any item is missing it will be charged to the organizers

Monday Morning

The janitor cleans the common room on Monday mornings. An organizer and some volunteers should come into the afternoon to unstack the furniture and put it back in its usual layout.

Volunteer beers

Volunteer beers are at the discretion of the organizer in charge. Only they have the power to give volunteer beers. Keep in mind that a free beer is a monetary loss to the organizer. Remember that a volunteer must drink the beer out of a plastic cup, without their server badge and not behind the bar. Make sure that people sticking around for cleanup/volunteer beers actually help out. You don’t need 3 cases or 30 people down there so limit these. An exec needs to remain in the common room during clean up and volunteer beers so keep in mind that even though staying after clean-up for some fun and volunteer beers is more than encourage this cannot happen for too long (execs have lives too!).