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EUS VP Finance
Current: Alec Thomlison
Email: vpfinance@mcgilleus.ca
Office Hours
Monday: 12:00-15:00
Corporate Relations Corporate Relations Director
Finances Finances Director
Funds Funds Director

Letter from the VP Finance

As Vice-President Finance, VP Finance for short, my primary role is to support the underlining EUS Groups with anything related to finances. This involves every step of processing payments, corporate relations and non-academic funds.

There are three directors under my portfolio: Finance Director, Corporate Relations Director and Funds Director. Those positions started around 2015 and are now established members of the EUS.

If you need advise and direction for any kind of initiatives, my door is always open: I often spend a lot of time in the EUS Office and while I might seem busy, I'm always ready to sit down and discuss. I am looking forward to hear about your amazing projects for the EUS or offer my help for any concern you may have.

Changes Over Time

In the past few years, the position grew exponentially along with the expansion of the EUS. The addition of Clubs and Design Teams in 2011, and the numerous successful years since the start of the decade, have created a large demand of request from the different EUS Groups.


The VP Finance position is one of many tasks and responsibilities. The three sub-portfolios represent the array of challenges faced in terms of time commitment. Finances (weekly):

  1. Cheque Requisition
  2. Deposits
  3. Floats
  4. Online Payment Processing

Corporate Relations (on-going):

  1. Seek new partnership opportunities
  2. Enact on current contracts
  3. Comply to sponsorship requirements

Funds Allocation (every semester):

  1. Student Space Fund
  2. Design Team Fund
  3. Clubs Fund
  4. Departmental Trips Fund

The VP Finance also has the Open Air Pub Committee, also referred as OAP, under them.

Bylaws and Policies