Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach

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Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO) is a student-run confederation regrouping student societies of faculties and schools offering engineering programs in the province of Quebec. The EUS is represented in QCESO by sending a delegation of 2 people, generally the VP External and the External Relations Director.

Mandate and Goals

Primarily, its goal is to protect, defend and promote its members’, and at the same time all of its students’, interests, accomplishments and developments. Also, its mandate is to promote, organise, establish, maintain and facilitate the happening of activities, competitions, conferences, games and congress relative to: sciences, teaching, school, sports, socialization, culture, etc. for all its members. QCESO focuses on promoting the respect of the shared values by the members and the students in terms of: knowledge, be it knowledge-to-act or knowledge-to-be, ethics and competence in engineering, on the professional level as well as on the personal level. Finally, through its activities, QCESO encourages the advancement and the promotion of sciences and engineering towards students and the public.