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Policies are established to define the operations of the EUS, such as recruitment process, equity awareness and complaint process, responsibilities related to events with alcohol, etc. Policies provide guidelines any members holding a EUS position or conducting an action within the EUS or in the name of EUS shall respect.

List of Policies

Name Adopted Last Amended
Alcohol Policy 1991/10/23 2010/10
Blues Pub Policy 2010/10/26 2014/03
Bylaws Information Management Policy  ???  ???
Credit Card Policy 2016/11 2016/11
Committee Room Booking Policy 2010/11 2010/11
Common Room Booking Policy 2008/02 2016/01
Conflict of Interest Policy 2005/03 2005/03
EUS Equity Policy 2011 2011
Event Blacklisting Policy 2016/02/09 2017/03/21
EUS Executive Committee Meeting 2005/03 2016/08
Key Policy 2008/02 2008/02
New Initiatives Policy 2016/07 2016/07
Lobby Poster Policy 2008/02 2008/02
Recruitment Policy 2016/10 2016/10
TeN Posting Policy 2009/08 2009/08


A policy can be amended by any member of the EUS, subject to approval by the EUS Council. Due process is to be respected to for the amendment of an existing policy or the adoption of a new policy. For example, if there exist a Policy and Bylaw Review Committee in the EUS, the member wishing to amend a policy or bring forward a new one shall follow the procedures outlined in the Bylaws associated with that committee
Amendment Good Practices

  1. Keep track of older versions of each policies in the policy folder in pdf format
  2. The pdf version of the adopted version is then added to the corresponding policy subfolder
  3. For a new policy, follow a similar process and add the pdf version into a new policy subfolder

Older Policy Renditions

For all previous policies, navigate to policies.mcgilleus.ca.