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This wiki is designed to contain all the answers that already exist, just in a more convenient manner. "How do I do a cheque req?" "Who do I talk to about booking a table?" and so on and so forth. That's right, a wikipedia for EUS! The project is now spearheaded by Reid Hadaway who will be managing content and users.

Only users who request access may edit or create pages. If you would like to create an article, please contact the VP Communications to request an account.

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Completed Articles
Logo Wiki Page Personal Website
Server Training N/A
Cheque Requisitions N/A
Acronym Almanac N/A
Executive Punishment N/A
Aero.jpg McGill Aerospace Design Society
Asalogo 0.jpg Architecture Students' Association
Ceclogoglowing.png Canadian Engineering Competition
Eig.jpg Engineering Investment Group
CEUSLogo.jpg Civil Engineering Undegraduate Society
Powe.png Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering
BeerDie.png Beer Die N/A
BPBible.png Blues Pub Bible N/A
Departmental Statistics N/A
Cde logo.png Conference on Diversity in Engineering
Nobe.png National Organization for Business and Engineering McGill Chapter
CFES Logo.png Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
Alcohol Permits N/A
Copieus.png CopiEUS
BluesPub.png Blues Pub
Mamss.jpg McGill Additive Manufacturing Students' Society
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