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For more information on how the BoG interacts with other groups in the EUS, navigate to EUS Structure

The Board of Governors of the Engineering Undergraduate Society, or BoG, is an administrative body tasked with ensuring the legal and financial security of the society. Created in the Winter 2017 Referendum in response to the rapidly expanding student society, the Board is still finding it's boundaries with EUS Council, primary roles, etc.
The Board of Governors is the entity legally responsible for the state of the Engineering Undergraduate Society; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Validating bylaws and policies of the society
  • Final approval of all budgets
  • Holding the execs accountable
  • Direct oversight of EUS Committees with more than $50,000 in expenses (such as OAP, Frosh, etc.)

Constitutional Definition

The role of the Board of Governors is outlined in Section 4 of the EUS Constitution.


According to Article 30 of the EUS Constitution:

30.1 The Board of Governors shall be composed of:

The Board Chairman is chosen among the above members by simple majority vote. The chairman does not have a vote, except in the event of a tie.